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Loadtech load cells the agent for Vishay Transducers in sub-Saharan Africa. This world leading load cell manufacturer offers a number of well known brands including;

• Vishay Tedea Huntleigh
• Vishay BLH
• Vishay Nobel
• Vishay Sensortronics
• Vishay Celtron

A representative portion of the various load cells out of this extensive range are readily available from Loadtech’s substantial store, while products not stocked locally, can be supplied within reasonable lead times.

Product back-up ranges from sales advice offered by our very able sales team, to application advice and fault finding offered by our engineering group, comprised of young and experienced staff.

Compression Type Load Cells compression type
Damped Load Cells damped load cell
Digital Load Cells digital load cell
S-Type Load Cells s-type load cell
Shear Beams shear beam
Single Points single point